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Double Feature

Creative Concept
User Experience Design
Cross-Platform Design
Ian Kirk
Concept, Art Direction & UI Design
Steve Kim
Motion Designer
Katie Anne & Bill Savage
Creative Writing
Sanford Holsapple
Video Strategist
Hanzel Haro
Hanzel Haro

Double Feature was a “Concept Car” exploration to finds ways to highlight Netflix Original content by drawing meaningful associations and creating context for our unknown title with something you have shown interest in or are a fan of.

This was meant to appear mid-browse (below 3d row) to excite you after you have given a signal you are unsure and looking for something more.

This was not a title test, but did create innovation in our video editing and storytelling as well as adding support for concurrent video streams with from the platform  engineering teams.


We created a spectrum of light weight to high complexity options, some using single word tags and static images to scripted descriptions and dynamic text, to high touch trailers and hidden UI.


Sparked next gen cross-platform engineering exploration 

Multiple video in single canvas 

Masking on static and video assets

Wider range of copywriting experimentation (metadata, meaning)

Unique trailer types on the service

Other work

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