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Netflix Billboard

Creative Concept
Design Strategy
Product Design
Cross-Platform Design
A/B Testing
Ian Kirk
Concept, Design & Workflow
Lynn Chau
Design Operations

Netflix needed an update to its high profile title promotion area, the "Billboard", to help create a strong differentiated experience for Originals and also be able to scale for the rapidly increasing volume of Netflix Originals titles.

As the slate of titles grew, there were still many manual processes to create and ingest assets that created many bottlenecks and not a lot of time for extra quality control and experimentation.

Each platform and often manufacturer required its own bespoke design which further taxed resources for production bandwidth and led to many variations of the experience.



Average Title Lift of ~5%The Highest Source of Discovery, 2nd Highest Source of PlayNew pipeline tooling, dynamic asset compositing, derivatives & ingestionNew creative toolkit for internal creative and external vendors

Other work

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