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Flashback & Recall

A/B Testing
User Research
Creative Concept
Design Strategy
Ian Kirk
Concept & Art Direction
Danelle Vermeulen
Motion Design
Julian Rood
Product Imagery
Hideo Igawa & Hanzel Haro
Motion Graphics
Lindsay Giebel
Lindsay Giebel
Rebecca Moreno

Inside Out was a Word of Mouth (WOM) test with the aim to convert viewing moments of private joy into public joy. Using new special canvases and assets to stimulate fans who were actively enjoying a new original, to have more verbal conversations about and recommendations of the title with friends and family, increasing the title’s audience. The metric was a measured in surveys. 

The majority of Netflix conversations happen privately through face-to-face talk (75%)

The test ran for 3 titles, I joined the test for the 4th title, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (CAOS) and created the 2 new canvases and assets, Flashback & Recall.


The FLASHBACK ROW and RECALL TRAILER are a continue watching experience, to promote episodic themes and elements to viewers with the goal of inspiring a deeper connection and relationship while watching and inspiring talking points for impactful discussion and sharing.

The canvases and messaging are meant to be bold, immediately impactful and recognizable. The fullscreen row is lower in browse to avoid normal billboard position assumptions and present as a clear differentiated type of message. Using provocative questions in a unique canvas expression, with large bold visuals and music to promote recall of themes and stakes to create urgency and make them eager for the next part of the story.


Viewers who have watched the 2nd episode (70%) of Sabrina (CAOS) will be eligible to receive a FLASHBACK ROW in Browse and a pre-play RECALL trailer from the row CTA or any SOD except post-play. The RECALL will open with the same question as the Row asset, so the same message can be made if played from another source. The RECALL will highlight story elements and character relevant to the upcoming episode to trigger memory of past events and current stakes. 

The themes and story elements highlighted and the art direction of the assets will align with the previous messaging promotions from earlier in the test, at the end of series to create a consistent messaged impact throughout the experience.

Other work

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