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There is a lot of information and documentation required to onboard new creative and production partners.Traditionally onboarding documents had been created and shared in Google Docs/Sheets/Slides and shared manually. Many held proprietary information and require access granted for multiple individuals on many teams throughout a titles' production.


With so many titles in different phases of production and so many partners coming in and out at different phases, it became very taxing and not a good use of bandwidth for the IX Producers to have to manually allow access to individual Google documents.The Onboarding Portal was created to allow IX Producers to a designate an external trusted production partner to add and onboard their own team members to have access without requiring Producer time.


With the new CMS, IX team members can create online articles and set up file access in an easy way they could update. The system can scale beyond Branching Narratives to any new content as needed.

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